We are excited to offer you a complimentary, virtual hand-crafted smile experience!

How It Works

Please take six photos similar to what you see below. You can use two spoons to assist in retracting your cheeks. Check out our highlights on IG (@phamilyorthodontics) for an instructional video and if you need additional help, please e-mail us at info@phamilyorthodontics.com. For those patients wearing Invisalign aligners, please take the "Open Mouth Smile" photo with your aligners in to allow the doctors to assess the fit of your aligners.

Fill out the demographic information below and then click Next Step.

  • Front teeth biting down

  • Right back teeth biting down

  • Left back teeth biting down

  • Top teeth

  • Bottom teeth

  • Open Mouth Smile

Virtual Orthodontic Appointment Step 1

If the patient is under 18, please provide parent/guardian name as well.

Please check that name, email, and phone information is provided before moving on.

Virtual Orthodontic Appointment Step 2

Let us know if you are a New Patient, Current Patient or Former Patient?

Please share any pertinent information about your treatment needs or your current treatment, including what aligner number you are wearing, if applicable.

Preferred Office

Virtual Orthodontic Appointment Step 3

Upload Your Photos

If you were unable to take individuals and took a video instead, please send that video to info@phamilyorthodontics.com and put your name in the subject line and take one selfie and upload it to Photo 1 below.

Images must be a .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif and cannot exceed 20MB.

Photo 1

Front teeth biting down

Photo 2

Right back teeth biting down

Photo 3

Left back teeth biting down

Photo 4

Top teeth

Photo 5

Bottom teeth

Photo 6

Front teeth slightly open