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Debond and Retainer Consent Form

Consent for Braces Removal
Retainer Instructions and Responsibilities
  • 1. Wear my removable retainers 22 hours a day allowing 2 hours to eat and brush for the first 6 months followed by “night-time for lifetime.”
  • 2. Do not wear my removable retainers during eating to prevent damage.
  • 3. Keep my removable retainer in the proper case when not wearing them.
  • 4. Keep my retainers and retainer case away from all pets.
  • 5. Do not expose my retainer to anything hot, this includes hot water; heat will melt or warp your retainer.
  • 6. Brush retainer with toothpaste and cool water after every meal and before going to bed.
  • 7. I will be given your mold of your teeth, please keep in a safe place in case they are needed in the future.
  • 8. Maintain my scheduled retention appointments as prescribed by my orthodontist.
  • 9. Bring removable retainer to my retention appointments.
  • 10. Clean around my lower lingual bonded retainer.
  • 11. Have my General Dentist evaluate the readiness for wisdom tooth extraction if applicable.
  • 12. Call the office immediately if my retainer breaks or is not fitting properly.
Lost or Broken Retainers