Dr. Heckler is excited to be able to assess your teeth and smile and monitor your treatment progress virtually!

How It Works

**Complete this form only when instructed to do so by your dental care team.

Please send these photos to our office email info@annexorthoperio.com, and we will reach out to you as soon as possible to schedule a virtual visit with Dr. Heckler at your convenience!

Include your six photos, matching what you see below. You can use two home objects, such as spoons, to assist in retracting your cheeks. In bright lighting, hold your camera horizontally and get as close as you can to your teeth, while still showing the whole mouth. In any photo you take and the example is biting down, please stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth and as far back as possible, and bite on your back teeth. The more detail and clarity, the better your doctor can use these photos for the diagnostic process.

TIPS and TRICKS for best photos:

  1. Please use good lighting and/or use your flash
  2. Hold the camera close to your teeth
  3. Pull your lips away from your teeth
  4. IF possible, have a family member help
  • Front teeth biting down

  • Right back teeth biting down

  • Left back teeth biting down

  • Top teeth

  • Bottom teeth

  • Front teeth slightly open